Friday, February 11, 2011

Ice Cream stands at receptions

During the month of January I was fortunate enough to go to many wedding shows at the Salt Palace, South Town Expo Center, Joseph Smith and The Canterbury Place. It seems that there is a new trend for wedding receptions. There were at least 4 different ice cream venders there. Of course I love the idea because ice cream goes great with a fabulous wedding cake. The companies that were there were Scoopology, Twists, Leatherby's Family Creamery, and A day to Remember. Scoopology has many different flavors with all sorts of toppings, Twists is an ice cream machine that people can serve them selves and they have toppings, you have probably been to Leatherby’s so you know how good it is. A day to Remember has gelato, italian ice or ice cream. I had my daughters with me and we sampled all of them so I can verify the quality is fantastic. I am sure there are many different companies that do this, but these are the ones I am acquainted with. Have a great day and if you are thinking about a ice cream stand at your wedding enjoy taste testing them.

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